MUST HAVE Journaling Bible Supplies for Beginners

Posted by Robin Carr on

This bible journaling "thing" has become a trend. If you are like me you find it a taaddd bit overwhelming! I have numerous pins on my Pinterest account with ideas on how to draw these gorgeous illustrations or you have to have fancy pens and highlighters and stickers and the list goes on and on and on...

I've just starting dipping my toe into it during the first week of January. I have to say, at first, I was a bit frantic on where to start. I was worried I would mark something I did not mean to, or I misspell and not be able to erase it. I'm a neat freak on paper!

Here are 5 basic supplies (+ 2) you need to get started journaling!

1. Journaling Bible

This alone made me a bit afraid. There are so many options for jouranling bibles out there now, and it took me awhile to decide. I opt for the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible. It proved plenty of room for taking notes, drawing, or even adding a few embellishments! Bible can be found HERE.


2. Pens

This is very important! Since the pages in most bibles are thin, you shouldn't use just any type of pen because it will bleed through the page. I use the 6 pack of Pigma brand Micron Bible Study Kit. I do agree, they are a bit pricey for pens, but they write so effortlessly and take up hardly any space because they do not bleed. Also, I love to color-code scripture and notes to keep them separate from others on the page, so I love the multi-color pack. Pens can be found HERE.

3. Highlighters

This is just as important as the pens! You don't want them to bleed. I use the Accu-Gel Bible Highlighter Set. These write like a crayon, so they glide effortlessly and will not bleed. These I usually coordinate the color of the highlighter and pen to highlight the scripture and write out my notes referencing to that scripture. Highlighters can be found HERE.

4. Post-It Tabs

Scriptures usually cross-reference to many other scriptures within the Bible. These page markers can come in SUPER handy! Tabs can be found HERE.

5. Journal

I find myself using up a whole column for one verse! I find it much easier and "cleaner" to jot down those extra notes in a journal. These can be found at your local dollar store or if here are some really fun, cute ones! Journal can be found HERE.

*EXTRA*  6. The Sisterhood

I subscribed to Jordan Lee's SoulScripts Sisterhood monthly bible study. Jordan shows you how to dig deep into The Word and how not to be so over-whelmed with it. Jordan offers a free 7-day trial, but for $7.99 a month you are offered a monthly bible study called a "Soul Session", accountability groups, and a private FB group where all of us sisters can communicate! It truly is my "happy place"! :)  JOIN HERE!!


I hope this reduces the overwhelming feeling of starting the lifestyle of bible journaling and using it to understand and form a better relationship with God!

Feel free to comment below with any questions or comments!




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